We are all going to die. That is a fact of life.

Being able to talk about it with those we love and letting them know what we would like to happen in the event of a medical emergency is the focus of a Honoring Choices Minnesota event in Medford.

Tuesday, June 13, Honoring Choices will host The Convenings, another group that wants to have discussions about various issues facing today's society.

Cathy Wurzer of Minnesota Public Television and Radio fame will be joining a panel of special Honoring Choices representatives on AM Minnesota at 9:30 Friday morning.

Father Henry Doyle, Gary Lazarz and Honoring Choices South Region Coordinator Kerry Hjelmgren will be in studio and Wurzer will join us on the phone. Wurzer is with The Convenings group and will enlighten us about what they are all about.

The June 13 event will be at the Medford High School from 6:30-8PM because it's between Faribault and Owatonna.

The event is free and open to the public and will feature music, storytelling, interviews and conversations about dying.

Funded by the Faribault Area Hospice Foundation, the Owatonna Hospital Foundation and Federated Insurance, Honoring Choices wants this Convenings event to be a springboard for all of us to have these important conversations. Not just about dying but more about living.

That means the conversations should not just be with the elderly but people of all ages. If you are incapacitated in a vehicle accident, plane crash, workplace accident or whatever how would you like to live you life to it's fullest.

I'm looking forward to our visit and hope you will join us.

If 9:30AM doesn't work for you, go to the KDHL YouTube channel and watch at a more convenient time for you.

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