Friday I got back from the National FFA Convention hoping to get back at the corn harvest. With the light rain and snow that did not happen. Saturday morning I went out to the farm and was not pleased to see the grass was all white. In addition to the snow total precipitation was .35 inches. It was too wet to chop stalks, combine or do any tillage. The wet corn bin was about full so I could at least run the dryer.

I was hoping later on Saturday the snow would melt off the corn so I could start harvesting again but it just did not get warm enough. Unless it is really cold the snow on the corn will melt when it goes through the combine. When the leaves, husk and stalks are wet the corn will stick to the wet material. It will end up going through the combine and end up on the ground, not in the grain tank. I guess we will just have to remain patient a little while longer.


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