Saturday afternoon I was combining corn and everything was going very well. Even with all the cold dreary weather this fall the corn was about 16 percent moisture. I had to turn down the temperature in the dryer to prevent over drying the corn. I was only taking about 2 percent moisture out of the corn so it was going through the dryer very quickly. I was looking at the 15 to 16 acres left to harvest in the field I was in, thinking maybe I can get this field done this evening. Then I would be half done with my corn.

Those thoughts ended quickly when this rock found it's way into the combine. There are many sensors on the combine with displays in the combine cab to let you know if something is wrong. Without getting too technical, this rock got jammed in the part of the combine that did not have a sensor. I instantly knew something was wrong even without a sensor.

By the time I figured out what the problem was the belts were burned. Plus I had this little rock stuck in the combine. I called Mike at my John Deere dealership in Owatonna. Mike sent out Andrew, (my new best friend) with the belts I needed. Andrew was able to crawl into the the combine from the back to the front and get the rock out! I called Mike at 4:30 Saturday Saturday afternoon. A couple hours later at 6:30 I was back in the field combining corn.

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