Earlier this week I was talking with Gary Kunz County Executive Director at the Le Sueur County FSA Office. I check in with Gary from time to time with the County FSA Report. Gary mentioned that a very important deadline is approaching for Dairy Farmers. June 1, 2018 is last day to sign up for the Margin Management Program. Gary said he had run a number of examples and it sure looked like it would be very advantageous for Dairy Farmers to sign up for the Margin Management Program!

With really low milk prices for a number of years it has been a tough time for Dairy Farmers. The Margin Management program has been available for a few years and many signed up for it. However it was not a good program and did not protect Dairy Farmers from low milk process. The Margin Management Program has been revised and now is a much better program. So, stop by your local Farm Service Agency office and let them run your numbers to see if the program will help you!


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