The Dairy Cattle Reproduction Council will be hosting a webinar this afternoon titled Stressors in dairy cattle-Impact on performance, health and reproduction from heat stress to co-mingling. The free webinar will be at 2:00 Central Time this afternoon. Niles Jennett, Progressive Dairy Solutions and Rcardo Chebel, University of Florida College of Veterinary Medicine will be the instructors for the webinar which will be about one hour.

Jennett and Chebel will talk about "how metabolic and environmental stress and stressors in ruminants increase nutrient requirements, impact dry matter intake and weaken rumen function. Poor performance, reduced health, impaired immunity and/or less than optimal reproduction are often the end result of stress."

To register for the webinar do to the website: and then follow the prompts. If you do not have time to watch the webinar live this afternoon it will be posted in about two weeks at: Maybe one of the very few benefits of the COVID-19 pandemic is we all have learned how to better use technology and most of these educational programs are posted on a website and then farmers can watch them at a time that fits their schedule!


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