It was just about 20 years ago Curt Becher began at the Community Coop Oil Association in Faribault. Curt was the manager of the Community Coop Oil Association Convenience Store right next to the viaduct in Faribault. Today is Curt's last day as he is retiring! This morning I stopped by to wish Curt a "happy retirement." I did suggest that maybe he should work a few more years and pay a little more into Social Security. Then there would be more in the fund for those of us a little younger?

Curt did not think that was a good idea! Over the years it was always fun to work with Curt on all the E 85 promotions, annual meetings and a number of other events. A lot of customers (owners) of Community Coop Oil stopped by to enjoy cake, coffee and thank Curt for all the years of service. If you have time this afternoon before 5:00 stop by and say Hi to Curt. Curt said he is not going away, he is just retiring! Curt became a good friend over the years!