This is the Mustang Convertible Louise and I rented to travel around Arizona! Our son in Law Mike made the arrangements, all we had to do was pick it up and show our drivers license and of course credit card. We did not even have to go to the National counter. We just walked down to the National lot and an attendant there said take your pick of any car in the Emerald isle. This Mustang was sitting in the Executive isle.

Louise said can we have the Mustang and the National attendant said yes, you can have the Mustang. He asked if I knew how to put the top down and of course I didn't. All you had to do was unlock it and push a button! Unfortunately it was cool every day with high temperatures in the 55 degree range and it rained every day! We did get a little sunshine but with the cool temperatures we never did put the top down!

Maybe we will have to go back again sometime when it might be warmer, On second thought, the convertible is a little too classy for me, plus I think we will wait until we do not have to be concerned about our flights being canceled!


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