After a couple of weeks of cold, wet weather it was nice to see great planting weather this week. Temperatures averaged 59.8 degrees, which is 4.2 degrees above normal. Rainfall totaled .26 inches, and that was .6 inches below normal. Growing degree units totaled 78, which was 22 percent more than normal. Since the first of May we have accumulated 83 growing degree units, and that is exactly at the long-term normal.

There was some corn planted before the cold, wet weather and there was some concern as to how the corn would survive. Corn planted at the Southern Research and Outreach Center on April 10 has emerged and the stands look good. Corn planted April 25 is just peaking through the soil now. Even the beans that were planted at SROC on April 10 and April 25 seem to have survived the cold and wet conditions. In addition, we did not see windy days and that allowed for a lot of pre-emergence herbicides to be applied.

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