Fall is here, and when not working, people are crossing things off of their annual fall to do lists. I create one each year, and it's always a bit lofty, so I am happy if I accomplish about half. If you are like a lot of people, exploring a corn maze might be on your list of fun fall activities. Here are some within 50 miles of Faribault.

The website Minnesota Grown is run by the Minnesota Department of Agriculture and they have a handy feature where you can search crop mazes by proximity to your town. You can also search farmers markets, petting zoos, wine making, yarn, and apple cider, plus so much more, which makes it a really cool feature.

For those who plan to get lost in a crop maze, the site lists eight within 50 miles of Faribault.

  1. Montgomery Orchard is at 15953 State Highway 99, Montgomery, and is online at www.montgomeryorchard.com/
  2. Applewood Orchard is at 22702 Hamburg Ave., Lakeville, and is online at applewoodorchard.com/applewood3/
  3. Oak View Nursery is at 7921 S. County Road 45, Owatonna, and is online at www.oakviewweddingsandevents.com/index.php
  4. Tweite's Family Farm is at 1821 Frontier Road S.W., Byron, and is online at tweitesfamilyfarm.com/
  5. Apple Ridge Orchard is at 47418 240th Ave., Mazeppa, and is online at www.appleridgeorchard.com/
  6. Northwoods Orchard is at 8018 75th Ave. N.W., Oronoco, and is online at www.northwoodsorchard.com/
  7. Fisher's Croix Farm Orchard is at 12971 St. Croix Trail South, Hastings, and is online at www.fischerscroixfarmorchard.com/
  8. Afton Apple Orchard is at 14421 S. 90th St., Hastings, and is online at www.aftonapple.com/



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