Today about noon I stopped by the Rice County Fairgrounds to pick up lunch on the way home. It was cold, windy with light rain and sleet. What a great idea Rice County Fair manager John Dvorak came up with to ask a few food venders set up on the Rice County Fairgrounds for Mothers Day weekend! Even with the miserable weather there were a lot of cars there as people picked up Fair Food and took it home!

I was talking with the crew at Grandmas Lunch Wagon and they said it was "crazy busy" on Saturday. John Dvorak happened to be there when I stopped and he said one of the food vendors selling Mexican food did not come back today because they sold all their food on Saturday!

Maybe a lot of people were thinking what Louise and I were, something different during the COVID-19 shutdown and Shelter In Place. I asked John if this was something that may be done again in the future and he said that it was likely!



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