This unusual story is out of Indiana, but given the 'crime' the man is charged with committing, I wouldn't mind if it happened here in Minnesota-- like once a week, maybe?

Of course, the story also involves alcohol. (Which makes me wonder why it hasn't happened in my home state of Wisconsin, but I digress.) Turns out the guy, Barry Ridge, who's 46 and lives in Franklin, Indiana, was caught driving drunk on a county road while on his riding lawnmower.

Now, that's not good, mind you, but it's what he did next that's a little baffling. While he had his red Huskee lawn tractor all powered up, he then apparently drove onto a nearby homeowner's yard and started mowing the lawn.

And, according to this KARE-11 story, it's not the first time Mr. Ridge has done such a thing. The story notes that local residents say he's been caught driving-- er, I mean, mowing-- drunk on other people's lawns as well. It said he's currently awaiting trial on his first offense. Meanwhile, his lawn tractor has been impounded so he can't mow-- I mean, offend-- again.

I don't want to make light of drunk driving-- even on a lawn tractor-- and, I don't know about you, but if somebody drove onto our yard and started mowing the lawn, even if he's over the limit, I'm thinking I'd still be okay with it. Yes, I'm just that lazy, I guess. Could he come back again next week?  And, does he have a snowblower for next winter? Asking for a friend...



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