You might have heard that diseases caused by insect bites have been on the rise throughout the United States over the past several years. During the summer in Minnesota, we mainly have to worry about two annoying pests: mosquitoes and ticks. While skeets are extremely annoying, they’re pretty easy to detect. You can hear them. You can definitely feel them. And by now, you probably know how to deal with them.

Gross. If you’re suddenly wondering if you’ve ever accidentally eaten a Tick Muffin, you’re...not alone. Urp. Luckily, the CDC offered some quick tips on how to prevent getting bitten this summer:

  1. Avoid Direct Contact With Ticks

A.K.A. “Avoid getting bitten by a shark by not touching a shark.” This one seems pretty obvious. I believe in you! You can do it!

  1. Use Tick Repellent On Skin And Clothing

Probably a good idea when you're going to be hiking. I didn't know that you should also spray your clothes, too. Good to know.

  1. Bathe Or Shower Within Two Hours After Coming Indoors

Give yourself a nice little tick inspection in the shower. Look everywhere. Singing optional.

  1. Tumble Dry Clothes In A Dryer On High Heat For 10 Minutes

This is an easy way to nuke those critters if they somehow got attached to your clothes. They messed with the wrong pair of jeans.

Source: CDC

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