Seems the government is constantly trying to make life more difficult for us all.  There are several things that they mess with that just get an "Oh well" out of me. Mess with my summer vacation? We have a problem.


If politicians only worked as hard at actually getting things done as they did raising campaign funds, we might get somewhere. Many of us, after being locked down for 15 months, have had a lot of time to fantasize about a summer vacation this summer. Nothing fancy, just staying fairly close to home and checking out a state park or two with the family.

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Well, that could now be in jeopardy since the Minnesota State Legislature failed to agree on state budget during their 2021 session before adjourning in May.  There hasn't been a government shutdown in Minnesota for 10 years.

That shutdown was during Governor Dayton's first term and the result was closing of rest stops, state parks and attractions July 1st.  Just in time to mess with the 4th of July holiday plans of many Minnesotans. That shutdown went from July 1st until July 20th

Hopefully, things can be ironed out during a mid June special session and things will remain open.  Under Minnesota law, notices of a possible shutdown (a formality) have been sent out to some 38 thousand state employees.

It looks like there may be some agreement on a 2 year budget but one never knows what lurks in the minds (if anything) of politicians, nowadays. We'll see what happens in the mid June special session.

In the meantime, keep your fingers crossed and have a plan B, maybe Wisconsin.

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