The Minnesota Corn Growers Association has launched a new campaign to show the economic impact of corn in rural communities and Minnesota's overall economy. It is called "MN Corn Grows MN." In rural Minnesota corn's impact can be seen in the role corn plays in supporting rural communities. Exports of corn grown in Minnesota produced more than $400 million in gross regional product, with the corn crop value totaling more than $4.5 billion  in 2017. That is a lot of money being turned over and over in rural communities.

Nation wide Minnesota ranks fourth in corn production with more than 24,000 farmers in Minnesota raising corn. Minnesota has 20 ethanol plants that rely on a steady supply of corn. In addition corn is a major ingredient in livestock rations. There are a lot of careers and jobs in the ethanol and livestock industries that would not be there if farmers in Minnesota were not raising corn!

I was raised on a farm and for as long as I can remember Grandpa, Dad and I have raised corn. I like the idea of taking a step back and drawing attention to what corn means for rural economies and Minnesota. Many times we take things for granted that have always been there.


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