Thursday afternoon I received a news release from the Minnesota Corn Growers Association. It was a Call to Action for Minnesota Corn Growers. "Unfortunately, the White House is still considering cutting a deal for oil refiners as soon as this coming Monday. And, in the meantime, the Environmental Protection Agency continues to take action behind closed doors that benefits refiners at the expense of farmers."

That means Minnesota corn farmers need to continue to let their voices be heard in Washington D.C. Minnesota Corn growers are asked to call the White House 202-456-1111. Remain on the line to speak to an operator and request to leave a message for President Trump.

Sample Messages:

Farmers are counting on President Trump to follow through on his commitment to support the RFS because RFS works.

While the White House weighs policy options, EPA is undermining the RFS, and handing out waivers to refiners for millions of gallons in RFS volume requirement. Enough is enough!

I urge President Trump to maintain support for the RFS and Rural America. Rural Americans cannot afford this deal, and farmers cannot afford EPA's destructions of corn and ethanol demand.

Of course you can use your own words too. However, be brief, to the point and respectful. I do not think rude and vulgar messages will help! It seems farmers are innocent bystanders caught in the crossfire of the potential China Trade War. But, maybe we can make a difference with the RFS so take a minute and call the White House.

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