When I am drying corn, every four or five hours I catch a sample from the dryer and check the moisture. Number 2 yellow corn can be up to 15.5 percent moisture. Higher than that and the price will be docked, and lower than 15.5 percent you have additional drying costs that are incurred. This is a picture of a kernel of corn I found in my sample that I was pouring into the moisture tester. I have heard of corn germinating on the ear before it is harvested but I had never seen it before.

This was caused by all the rain this fall and higher temperatures. Some corn hybrids were more susceptible to this problem than others. When corn is growing, the ear points upward. Many hybrids as they mature, the ear drops and points downward. In addition, the husk around the ear opens so the corn can dry. Some corn hybrids have ears stay upright or erect. The husks opened up and with all the rain it accumulated at the base or butt of the ear. Some kernels then germinated. I took a sample to my elevator manager and he said there will not be any dockage. Guess I got lucky!

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