This is something you do not see every day, a big corn dryer on wheels moving down the road! Earlier this week I was hauling beans to my local coop elevator in Minnesota Lake. When I got close to the elevator I saw trucks and all kinds of activity. There was a moving company loading this tall corn dryer onto a trailer. They jacked it up off of the concrete pad and set it on a special trailer with a semi-tractor on the front. The trailer had big steel beams the dryer was chained too that was much wider than a normal trailer to provide more stability.

The coop sold the corn dryer to a farmer who had a bin site on the west side of Minnesota Lake. Apparently it would cost $80,000 to take the corn dryer apart and then put it back together on the bin site. Farmers, being resourceful always look for a better way. It was much less expensive to hire a moving company. The "fly in the ointment was that the dryer was 40 or 50 feet tall. You can see in the picture it is much taller than the power lines on the side of the road.

This farmer had to pay X Cell energy to have crews out, shut the power off, cut the lines and then splice them together again. Plus, the main power lines supplying the entire city of Minnesota lake had to be cut too! Everyone in Minnesota Lake was without power for about an hour Wednesday afternoon. But, a moving company with the right equipment and experience the corn dryer was safely and economically moved.



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