Newcomer Cole Taylor and staple Brad Paisley have weighed in on the United Airlines fiasco, in which a customer was dragged off a plane by police after refusing to disembark in Chicago on Sunday (April 9). The incident was filmed by fellow passengers, which has led to endless negative press and public outcry.

Taylor, one of country music's rising stars, addressed the drama in the only way a singer can: through music. During an appearance on America’s Morning Show with Ty Bentli, Chuck Wicks and Kelly Ford, Taylor was asked to create a song in 10 minutes. Using the recent incident as inspiration, he titled his tune "Here at United." The lyrics go: “We scare because we care / We can seat you and we can beat you up / It’s no pain, no plane / We’ve got business class, first class and the Fight Club / We put the hospital in hospitality / Our whole crew could be on WWE." 

Paisley also offered his two cents on airline policies, tweeting on Wednesday (April 12):

During the struggle on the airplane, the male passenger became entangled in the arm rests of the seats, leading to cuts on his face. Reports say that the flyer, a doctor, was asked to give up his seat to accommodate four United Airlines flight attendants, who needed to get to Louisville, Ky., which was the plane's destination. United Chief Executive Oscar Munoz has since apologized for the incident.

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