Good morning and welcome to Scrabble Day! That's right, April 13 is also known as Scrabble Day, according to This game that involves two to four players uses letter tiles on a board made of squares, 15 across and 15 down. Each letter tile is worth so many points and the object of the game is to form words with your letters, either up and down or across on the board, that will give you the most points.

According to the National Scrabble Association, the game was initially invented by an unemployed architect from Poughkeepsie, N.Y. Originally named Lexiko and then changed to Criss Cross, he shopped it around to different game manufacturers and was soundly rejected until he met entrepreneur James Brunot. Together they refined the games rules and design and changed the name to Scrabble, which appropriately means "to grope frantically." It took several years for the game to become the popular family entertainment it has become today.

To celebrate Scrabble Day, dust off that old board and sit down with your friends or family for fun game of Scrabble tonight.

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