Roseville, MN (KROC AM News) - A Coon Rapids business is lucky to still have a staff.

The Minnesota State Lottery reported Tuesday a group of 28 co-workers at the business had claimed a $1-million Powerball prize.

The lucky ticket was sold in Coon Rapids for last Saturday’s drawing.

The group calls its lottery pool “Team APG” and one member told lottery officials, “If we had one more number, our group name would be ‘Retired.’”

Dustin Uran of Minneapolis purchases the tickets for the group. Uran said he learned the ticket was a big winner when he scanned it at a lottery retailer on Monday. “I scanned it and it said, ‘Winner. Contact lottery office.’ So, I scanned it again and I thought, ‘That’s different.’ I knew it must be $50,000 or $1 million—or a glitch.” After returning to the office, Uran looked up the winning numbers and learned the ticket had won the game’s second-place prize. Uran said he emailed the pool members: “Apparently nobody checks the tickets I send. Check the tickets.” “I always email copies of the tickets before the drawing for transparency,” he explained.

A $50,000 third-place ticket from the same Powerball drawing was also turned in Tuesday. It was sold in Minneapolis. There were no jackpot winners.

The grand prize for the Wednesday Powerball drawing will be worth at least $394-million.

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