Last night the news came out that a new jersey featuring Waseca Police Officer Arik Matson's badge number of '222' was approved for play for both Waseca hockey teams. The jersey is different than the jersey originally created for the program.

The Minnesota State High School League, MSHSL, shared a photo of the approved jersey yesterday. That photo was then shared by Waseca Public Schools on Facebook.

The post by the MSHSL states:

"Here is a photo of Waseca High School's new hockey uniforms, which honor police officer Arik Matson with his badge number 222. The patch is perfectly in line with @NFHS_Org and MSHSL rules."

The new jersey is what the team currently wears, blue with yellow scripted 'Waseca' arched across the chest, the approved jersey includes a patch on the right side of the jersey in the shape of a badge with Officer Arik Matson's badge number, 222, on it.

Originally, the jersey that was worn by the team in warm-ups, which is black with yellow lettering spelling out 'Waseca Police' with a blue line running through it, was not allowed for wear in a game according to the MSHSL last week.

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