Damn clowns, if they're not scaring the crap out of you, they're under a car removing and stealing your catalytic converter.  Nothing funny about that!

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According to a criminal complaint filed in Anoka County District Court, recently a guy wearing a clown mask was apprehended taking catalytic converters from cars on a dealership lot in Blaine, Minnesota.

The clown in question, Matthew Jacoboski, 33 from Minneapolis, was charged with possession of burglary tools and 1st degree criminal damage to property.

No doubt, you've heard of the rash of catalytic converter thefts as of lately. I had no idea that these catalytic converters were chocked full of precious metals. Well, evidently, it didn't get past the criminal element that there was money to be made.

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According to the criminal complaint, Blaine police officers were called to Metro Auto Sales in Blaine Monday night around 11 PM.  They had received a report that surveillance cameras had spotted two people sliding under cars with tools in hand and stealing catalytic converters.

Officers quickly arrived at the car lot and found Jacoboski under a car with a cordless saw, attempting to remove a catalytic converter from the vehicle. Jacoboski happened to be wearing a clown mask at the time.

Man, if I were a clown (this is still being debated) I'd be upset that people were doing bad things while posing as a clown, creeping people out excluded of course. Jacoboski admitted that he had been caught "red handed" according to the police report.

Also found at the scene was a bag with 2 catalytic converters inside that were determined to have been removed from 2 other vehicles on the car lot.

According to the owner of metro Auto sales, the cost of repairing the damage done to the vehicles would cost around $2400.

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