This Winter.  It's been really long and snowy.  Like we have 30 inches more snow than what we have on an average throughout the whole season.  It's ridiculous.

I think people are getting super bored, so they are doing whatever they want in the spirit of "let's have some fun".  In this case, it's happening at Minnehaha Falls.  The staircase has been closed for the winter.  It's closed every year, and the park has never had an issue...until this year.

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This year, people are ignoring the signs and chains and are sitting down and just sliding down the stairs to the lower levels.  Now, the whole park isn't closed, there are areas that are open that visitors can go and view the Falls from safe areas.  But instead, they are choosing to slide down the stairs that look more like an ice ramp.

This is really dangerous.  What if you really got going and hit the brick wall at the bottom, or worse, flipped over the brick wall?  Maybe that's part of the thrill.  Danger. You can check out a photo of the staircase here.

According to Bring Me the News, a spokesperson for the park board said she's never seen this before.

"This is the first I have heard of people doing that in the 11 years I have worked at the Park Board,"

Apparently the city staff will be visiting the park a lot more often to make sure the signs and chains remain up so they block the entrance to the stairs.  This will be in an effort to keep people from sliding down the stairs.  You know... a safety issue.

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