We've got a celebrity in our midst! A baker and bakery owner from the Land of 10,000 Lakes is competing on national television for a championship title and massive bragging rights. I bet that she'll do really well in this competition because I looked up her

Her name is Jai Xiong and she's from Savage, MN. She's the owner and baker at Amour Patisserie in St. Paul where she designs and sells insane and beautifully put-together baked goods. Her cakes look amazing!

And Jai is competing in the latest season, season 9, of 'Spring Baking Championship' on the Food Network (which you can also find on Discovery+).

The Food Network
The Food Network

Minnesota Baker on 'Spring Baking Championship'

The first episode of this season actually aired on Monday, March 6th. Thankfully Jai did not get eliminated, so if you didn't catch the episode you can still see her compete. I won't tell you who did get eliminated in case you want to get caught up on the season spoiler-free.

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There's a total of 12 contestants (well, 11 now) that will compete over the 10 episodes (ok, 9 episodes now), according to KARE 11. The bakers will be "challenged with spring-themed competitions involving flowers, weddings and garden parties." The last baker standing will win, obviously, bragging rights but also $25,000. That would be a big help to, let's say, expand your bakery or open up a brick-and-mortar shop.

I love baking myself, so I really should check this show out. It'll give me some fun baking inspiration plus it's cool to be able to root for a fellow Minnesotan on a national TV show.


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