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Winter in Minnesota means snow and ice. And it also means you have to get out there and keep that snow and ice from accumulating too much on your sidewalks. But if you clear it the wrong way, you could pay!

It IS true you have only 24 hours to get those sidewalks shoveled and cleared in Rochester and most other cities in Minnesota, but did you know there's another way you could face a fine when removing snow too?

When it comes to snow removal in Minnesota, there are rules and ordinances that  are currently on the books in many cities, including Rochester. There aren't too many of them, really-- and they're all pretty much common sense.

The first one is fairly basic: It states that, yes, you DO have to get out there and shovel those sidewalks (or fire up the snowblower) to keep them free of snow. And, you have to get that shoveling done, from the time it stops snowing.

If you don't, you COULD be fined. Now, it's not a HUGE fee, mind you (according to the city of Rochester website, the fine is $40 for your first violation) but there is still a monetary penalty that could be assessed.

The city says they only respond when they get a complaint about someone not shoveling their sidewalks. But there is ANOTHER way you could get a fine when it comes to clearing snow in Rochester. And that's if you dump the snow from your driveway or sidewalks BACK into the street after they've been plowed.

I've seen this happen several times in our neighborhood in northwest Rochester while I've been on a walk with our dogs. Some people simply just push all their snow from their driveway right back into the road. Yeah, you can't do that. Again, if there's a complaint and the city finds that you've been putting snow back into the street, you could be fined.

You can read more about the city's snow removal policies and procedures HERE. And, speaking of winter, while you may not like having to shovel your driveway and/or sidewalk, there's no denying it makes for a very scenic landscape. Keep scrolling to check out 13 different Airbnbs you can rent this winter here in Minnesota!

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