I am trying to stay busy waiting for the weather to cooperate and I can get back into the field. The tractors are refueled, planter and field cultivator all checked over, and even the lawn has been mowed. Plus the sprayer is "wet tested" and ready as soon as the corn and beans are planted. I even spent a few hours Saturday and this afternoon cleaning a drainage ditch!

There was a section that had brush and smaller trees growing in the ditch bank. It has been irritating me for years. Every time I am in the field and drive by it in a tractor I would think, I have to get that taken care of. The longer I put it off, the bigger the trees will be and harder they will be to remove.

Between Saturday and this afternoon, I am almost done! I guess you could say that is the bright side to patiently waiting for the fields to dry out so I can get back to planting corn!


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