Today September 27, 2017 is National Chocolate Milk Day! Being a former dairy farmer I understand how hard dairy farm families work. I will always do anything I can to help promote the Dairy Industry. After doing a little research I found out chocolate milk was invented by Hans Sloane in the late 1680's. He was visiting Jamaica and the local people drank a mixture of water and cocoa which Sloane thought was terrible. He had the idea of mixing cocoa with milk and found it tasted much better!

There is some misconceptions that chocolate milk is not as healthy for you as drinking white milk. Actually chocolate milk has the identical nutrients in it as white milk including all the vitamin D and calcium. Chocolate milk does not have any more sugar in it than unsweetened apple juice. The only caffeine is a very small amount that is naturally in the cocoa.

Research has found that kids who drink chocolate milk have a better diet because they drink more milk! Plus, they do not weigh more than children that do not drink chocolate milk. So, enjoy a 'tall one" of chocolate milk that is on National Chocolate Milk Day!


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