People have been pairing Cheez-Its with wine for a long time, now Kellogg and House Wine are going to profit off of the craze. The wine-and-Cheez-It box goes on sale tomorrow at 5 PM ET (so 4 PM our time) on the House Wine website for $25. And of course, this product is only available for a limited time (while supplies last).

This is a crazy good idea. People have loved pairing their wine with cheese for forever. A natural thing for people to do would then be to pair wine with Cheez-Its. So now the inconvenience of going to the snack aisle and then over to the wine is no longer an issue.

The House Wine and Cheez-It collaboration will combine different boxed wines with different Cheez-It flavors. CNN says this includes "Malbec and Zesty Cheddar Ranch, Rosé and White Cheddar, Sauvignon Blanc with Extra Toasty Cheez-Its and more."

CNN also points out that Cheez-It has been around for a whopping 98 years! And they're obviously still hip if they've started collaborating with boxed wine! I might need to order myself one... or five.


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