The other day I was driving by the Genesis Morristown location so I just stopped in to see what was going on. I noticed there was a big truck on the scale with a bunch of weights on it. The scale was being checked to make sure it was accurate. They had a cart that weighed 2,000 pounds. There are eight points on the truck scale, and they checked each one for accuracy. If it was out of tolerance it had to be repaired. In addition to Genesis checking the scale, the Minnesota Department of Agriculture will also stop by unannounced to check the scale.

I guess I never thought about it but it is logical that the Minnesota Department of Agriculture would be responsible for making sure truck scales would be accurate. Leon at Genesis told me that the smaller scales for weighing fertilizer and herbicides are also checked at the same time. Before very long we will be in the field and crop production retailers will be very busy. It is nice to know they are getting equipment checked out and ready, including the scales!

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