The Cheapest House For Sale In Minnesota Is Listed For $13,000

This house is looking for someone to flip it.

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Have you ever thought about flipping a home? Or are you a flipping-pro and looking for your next challenge? This house just might be for you, but just to warn you, this home does come with mystery trash bags.

The house is located in Ihlen, Minnesota, which is near the South Dakota-Minnesota border off of Highway 23. About 7 miles southwest of Pipestone. The house is listed by Brent E Baker with Keller Williams Realty-SF.

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The house hit the market at the asking price of $13,000 and it does need some work. Quite a bit of sweat equity will be invested. Check it out below!

Cheapest Minnesota House On The Market Includes Mystery Trash Bags

This 861 square-foot home comes with a one-car garage on an 8,886 square-foot lot. It was built back in 1920 and has an unusual room that is filled with mystery trash bags.

See it for youself!

Minnesota Most Expensive House For Sale Is Completely Different!

While this was the cheapest home on the market at just $13,000, check out the most expensive house for sale in Minnesota below. For a cool $15 million, it could be yours!

$15 Million Dollar House in Minnesota That is Going To Make Your Jaw Drop

You know those huge houses that are in movies?  I've always wondered if the mansion where Batman lives is real.  Or you know the party scenes for some of the Mission Impossible movies where there are a ton of people and somewhere in the crowd are the good guys who are trying to find the bad guys?  This house in Minnesota is one of those places and it could be yours for $15 million.  In fact, I'm pretty sure this house could actually be Batman's house because it is on its own island AND you go through a tunnel to get to the 8 stall garage. 
According to, this house in Greenwood, Minnesota is listed by Jessica Prudden with Prudden & Company and as you can see from the photos, it is a masterpiece.  It sits on 1.37 acres, has 5 bedrooms, 9 bathrooms, has almost 14,000 square feet, one of Minnesota's largest residential glass-enclosed atriums, an elevator, movie theater, gym, sauna, locker room, relaxations room, not just one but a double wine room, bar lounge, poker room, and an indoor grotto.

The Most Expensive House For Sale In Iowa Is Listed For $10 Million

Check out the Pub inside Iowa's Most Expensive House

Your mortgage payment is over $45,000 a month at this house but, you can forget about all of that cash as you sit at your own Irish Pub and drink a beer. Yes, the house that is supposedly the most expensive house in all of Iowa is just over 2 hours from Rochester, and inside it features over 24,000 square feet with a full-fledged Irish Pub, a movie theater, art studio, caterer's kitchen, 8 bedrooms, 12.5 bathrooms, amazing views of Spirit Lake, and sits on 1.26 acres. According to, the house is $9,900,000 and is listed with Eric Hoien with Hoien Realty.

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