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Rochester, MN (KROC-AM News) - A "rolling gunfight" in northwest Rochester several years ago has resulted in a prison sentence for a Rochester man.

22-year-old Ron Burks the Second was sentenced today to three years in prison for his conviction on a second-degree assault charge. He entered into a plea agreement in March that resulted in the dismissal of a drive-by shooting charge. Burks used an Alford plea, which means he did not admit guilt but acknowledges there is enough evidence to convict him.


Burks was among several people charged in connection with a series of shootings in northwest Rochester's Lincolnshire neighborhood in August 2018. He was accused of being in one of two vehicles involved in an exchange of gunfire while racing through the neighborhood in what police described as a possibly gang-related incident. No injuries were reported as a result of the shootings.

Burkes also admitted to a misdemeanor assault charge for a separate incident that occurred the same year as the shooting. In that case, he was accused of punching a man while robbing him of a bag and a cell phone, which resulted in a 90-day jail sentence.

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