The Minnesota Department of Agriculture has notified Minnesotans that there were some changes to the Cottage Food Law that took affect August 1, 2021. Local Farmers Markets have gotten very popular and and seem to increase every year. Many farmers have been able to supplement their income growing produce and meat for farmers Markets. Food safety of course is a concern and there are regulations overseen by the Minnesota Department of Agriculture.

Here is the news release I received form the Minnesota Department of Agriculture with the links for more information:

Key changes to the law include:

  • Registered Cottage Food Producers can now make and sell pet treats (dogs and cats only), provided certain conditions are met.
  • The annual gross receipts cap has increased from $18,000 to $78,000.
  • Labeling must include the individual’s name and registration number OR the individual’s name and address and all product labels must also include the statement, “These products are homemade and not subject to state inspection.”

More information can be found on the MDA Cottage Food Registration page and the Cottage Food Law Guidance page.

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