Most farmers finished planting a while ago while others just got the last few acres planted. It was just a week ago that my peas that are grown under contract with Birds-Eye-Foods got planted. A few farmers have some late sweet corn to plant yet. When you are finished with planting don't forget to stop by your county FSA office to report or certify your acres.

It is required of all farmers to report their acres to the USDA if they are signed up for the Farm Bill or have crop insurance. Just about all farmers have signed up or enrolled in the Farm Bill so that means almost all have to report their acres planted. Remember that your crop insurance agent needs a copy of your reported acres for their records too.

The staff at county FSA offices have an easy process to report your acres. Most farmers have maps of their farms and fields. All you do is write in what was planted in that field and the date the crop was planted. If the FSA office is busy you can just drop off the maps. When they have time they enter it into a computer system, email you a copy that you can print, sign and they email back.


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