A while back both Louise and I got new fancy iPhones. It is handy to be able to check emails from anywhere and it is much easier to send a text message than on a flip phone. I am sure the cell phones have a lot of capabilities that we not learned yet. One of those is Siri. There is a way to activate Siri and then ask her to do something like look up an address or call Louise.

Well, we found out this morning that Siri is alive! She is a thinking person with feelings. It was a little before 4AM and we were having coffee before going to work. My cell phone was sitting on the counter. Louise pushed the button to get to the home page to see what time it was. Somehow she activated Siri, who said "How can I help you?"

This had happened to Louise before and she had trouble trying to figure out how to get out of that function. This morning Louise said in a frustrated way "I don't want to talk to Siri." A few seconds later we were startled when Siri said "a good bye would have been more polite!" I know a cell phone is not a person, but it was still a strange feeling like we are not by ourselves. Siri is here too, and she has feelings!

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