The Cannon Valley Fair  in Cannon Falls officially begins tomorrow but on the general projects entry day today a wedding was held on the fairgrounds and went off without a hitch.  There were threatening skies but just a few raindrops fell during the wedding ceremony held on the main stage.  After the 10 minute ceremony (perfection in my book) the wedding party and all their guests had a picnic reception in the pavilion and under a double tent.

During our preview broadcast about the Cannon Valley Fair from the Livestock Headquarters or air conditioned silo we got the opportunity to visit with the groom A.J. Worth.  Worth explained he was from Rochester and met Elizabeth Phelps from Cannon Falls while taking an art class in school.  The students were broken into pairs and dispatched to various places to draw a picture in 3-D.  He and Elizabeth were sent to a hallway where Worth said he asked his future bride if she would mind if he listened to music.  She said no.  Worth said after a long period of silence Elizabeth asked him if she could use his eraser and the rest as they say is history.

I honestly expected to see some erasers on the reception tables but there were none there.   The reception dinner consisted of a choice of turkey, ham or beef sandwich, chips, a pasta salad and an apple.  Mints were also included in the bag meal.

A.J. told KDHL the couple might be settling in Cannon Falls because he recently got a job there.  Elizabeth told us the couple were going on a cruise for their honeymoon beginning July 4th.

After the reception all the guests were given wristbands and could ride all the rides at the fair they wanted for two hours.  The father of the bride told me the couple had no desire to have a wedding dance so they came up with the idea of having the wedding at the fair and the carnival rides replace a dance.

Judging by the laughter and smiles on the faces of people of all ages taking the rides I don't think too many people minded not dancing.

This was not the first wedding held during the Cannon Valley Fair.   About 20 years ago a couple held their wedding during a demolition derby.

I have a hunch it won't be 20 more years before the next wedding at the Cannon Valley Fair.


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