How do you deal with coming home and finding out your dog has been shot to death. That's exactly what a Dodge Center family is dealing with after finding one of their Mastiffs shot.

Steve and Jennifer Collazo say keep them inside a gated fence so they can freely roam the property. Luther, Lucy, and Mara are very gentle dogs.

Jennifer Tuesday told co-workers she was looking forward to seeing her pets at the end of the day. She never thought she would come home to find what she found. According to the KAAL report, Jennifer found Lucy fine, Luther hiding. Near the front of their property in a wooded area, she looked down to find Mara had been shot in the head several times.

She called the Dodge County Sheriff's office and they are investigating. They told KAAL they think they know who did it. And after living in Dodge Center 29 years they now feel violated.

They want justice now for Mara.

Sheriff Scott Rose said the person who did this could potentially face charges of trespassing, animal cruelty and reckless discharge of a firearm.

The family is hoping someone will come forward with information that will help the case.

Anyone with information is asked to contact the Dodge County Sheriff's office at (507) 635-6200


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