Wednesday morning Brent Fuchs and I visited the 3rd grade class at the Cannon River Stem School in Faribault. The Faribault Chamber of Commerce Agri-business Committee sponsors an "Adopt a Third Grade" program. Farmers go into the classroom and talk with the third graders about agriculture and how their food ends up at the grocery school. Then early this spring the third grade classes are bussed out to actually visit a farm. Thanks to a grant from the Cargill Foundation we have the money to pay for the busses!

On the table behind the students are many food items from the grocery store that the third graders will recognize. All of them have some form of corn and soybeans in them. With the meat products we explain that livestock are fed corn and soybean meal. Thanks to the Corn and Soybean Growers each of the third graders get a bag with pencils, erasers, colors and coloring books about Agriculture. Today Brent and I will be in the third grade class at Lincoln Elementary School in Faribault.

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