The Cannon Falls City Council Tuesday decided to close the Department of Motor Vehicle Services Office in City Hall.

Mayor Pro Tem Steve Gesme told KDHL during the Cannon Falls Area News about the decision, "We have staffing issues so we're going to close that October first and hope that the state will get a private vendor in there to reopen it in a couple months."

I asked Gesme where people would go for their motor vehicle licenses and he stated probably Red Wing, Hastings or Northfield.  Tabs can be done online.

Gesme stated, "We know there's going to be a lot of bad feelings about that but the staffing issue is what it is and we have two retirements coming up now October first and that wipes out our staff."

The fill-in for Mayor John Althoff added, "You can't just pull a Deputy Registrar out of a drawer."  I asked if the state paid rent to the city.  Gesme said the city was running the service themselves.  "So we were on the hook for all the expenses and stuff."

He remarked the replacement would have to be approved by the state. He said rent would be negotiable in City Hall.

The Cannon Falls City Council also voted in favor of a resolution asking the Minnesota Legislature for bonding dollars to assist with the rehabilitation of the John Burch Park limestone wall down the right field line.

If the legislature would approve the bonding Gesme indicated it would be a 50/50 split with the State providing a half million dollars and the City of Cannon Falls a half million dollars toward the stabilization.

Gesme also said the council discussed placing a storm shelter at the park in case severe weather were to strike when people are in the park.

Cannon Falls John Burch Park- photo by Gordy Kosfeld
Cannon Falls John Burch Park- photo by Gordy Kosfeld

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