Last weekend Louise and I were up in Lakeville helping out daughter Laura move. The house is not far from the Target Super Center right off of Interstate 35. Louise and I were sitting on the front step in the shade resting. Guess I am not as young as I used to be. About 6 feet in front of us this turkey walked by along with 2 hens. They walked by like they owned the area. Louise and I were talking, they looked at us and just kept walking. Apparently we did not threaten them at all.

There is a small wooded area at the back of the property with big pine trees. One of the neighbors said the turkeys fly up into the trees each night to roost. I was told they can clamp onto the branch and that is where they spend the night. I think it is safe to say the turkeys adapted to the city and learned how to survive. Maybe they are safer in the city than out in the rural area? Thinking about it, there have been many mornings I see a number of deer in Faribault driving from our house to the studio in the morning. Guess they adapted to cities too?

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