Was working on your fitness one of your personal goals for the New Year? Have you failed to obtain that gym membership? Don't worry, you may be farther along with your goal than you thought just by living in Minnesota! 

CalorieLab.com is a neat way to calculate the number of calories you burn doing various activities, and I've put together a list of some common activities we do here in Minnesota. Keep in mind that your weight will affect the amount of calories burned, and that this is based on an hour of activity.

  • If sledding is something you look forward to each winter, walking to the top of the hill several times will burn 408 calories per hour.
  • Snowmobiling will burn about 170 calories in an hour of cruising around.
  • Snowshoeing is a fun way to spend an afternoon, and as a bonus, you'll burn 476 calories.
  • Downhill skiing earns a calorie burn of 340 per hour.
  • Cross country skiiers are getting their cardio in and burning up about 408 calories.
  • Ice skating burns up to 408 calories an hour.
  • Setting up an ice house and drilling the holes can account for 340 calories per hour.
  • And if you get stuck shoveling your driveway by hand, you'll burn off 340 calories an hour.

Get out there and enjoy your favorite winter activities while you can, and you can even count it toward your daily workout!

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