Homecoming is such a fun time! Dress up days, cheers, pep-fests, it's just awesome! Except to this kid. This kid is NOT enthused about something...why does he hate homecoming? 

Well, he doesn't. He loves homecoming.

A lot.

In fact, minutes before this picture was taken, he was running around, jumping up and down excited about Byron's Homecoming. But just as mom was taking pics, he soured up. What's the deal? (Scroll down to see all the pictures)

"Did he only get two shredded wheats and his sisters get three?" I asked mom Terri. She said, "Or he got his picture taken third...who knows???" You gotta hear the whole conversation, Terri is so funny!

Kids...I remember being mad when my mom let me get a jelly donut, but not the one in the front of the case (that one had WAY more frosting). I gave her the same face, and when she asked why I was mad, I said I wasn't!

Because, really...even I knew it was a stupid reason to be mad. Who pins their hopes and dreams on a jelly donut with extra frosting?

Me, that's who!

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