Forget the chocolate and flowers this Valentine's Day, and surprise your loved one with a cheap flight out of MSP instead.

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Before you keep scrolling...beware... these deals may be hard to pass up!

Sun Country Airlines, a Minnesota-based company, has cheap one-way fares available for purchase until Valentine's Day. So, stop what you're doing and decide where you want to travel this Spring.

*Note: Flights are to depart sometime between April 21st through May 26th.

Sun Country Non-Stop Flights Deals Under $100:

Asheville, NC--Starting from $29

Chicago, IL--Starting from $49.

Denver, CO--Starting from $49

Fort Lauderdale, FL--Starting from $59

Miami, FL--Starting from $59

Nashville, TN--Starting from $59

New Orleans, LA--Starting from $59

Orlando, FL--Starting from $59

Tampa, FL--Starting from $59

Boston, MA--Starting from $69

Dallas/Fort. Worth, TX--Starting from $69

Jacksonville, FL--Starting from $69

New York City, NY/Newark, NJ--Starting from $69

Philadelphia, PA--Starting from $69

Sarasota, FL--Starting from $69

Palm Springs, CA--Starting from $79

Portland, OR--Starting from $79

San Diego, CA--Starting from $79 *Reward Members can get double points with this flight!*

San Francisco, CA--Starting from $79

Seattle, WA--Starting from $79

It seems the hardest part about booking a flight is deciding where on earth you want to go as the options are rather endless. 

I, of course, would highly recommend Nashville, San Diego, Asheville, New Orleans, or honestly, anywhere where the temperatures are warm and sunny. 

For more information on the flights' sale, click here

Happy travels! (And don't forget to pack the sunscreen.)

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