Over the past three weeks you may have noticed a lot of brown beans in many fields. Well, maybe you didn't, but farmers did. We always look at all the fields as we drive by and then try to not look at your own. This is a picture of my beans about a week after I sprayed them. Yes, I sprayed my beans and made the leaves turn brown. Notice the new growth at the top that is nice and green? I'm very happy I did not kill them! We describe the brown beans after spraying as "burning them." There are even a couple groups of herbicides we refer to as the "burners."

Before the Round-Up Ready technology, these "burners" were commonly used. Since 1996 when Round-Up Ready beans were approved, they were seldom used. Round-Up does not "burn" the beans. However, after extensive use of Round-Up it was no longer adequately controlling waterhemp and giant rag weed. So, we are using the "burners" again like Pursuit, Flexstar, Blazer and Cobra. The leaves turn brown but the new growth on the top of the plant is the normal deep green. Plus, the weeds die! Many agronomists have advised farmers to just not look at the beans for about a week after they are sprayed!

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