While things can still change the National Weather Service this morning put out its probability map for seeing 4"+ inches of new snow from a winter storm set to arrive on Saturday afternoon. That large area of red on the map below basically covers all of Rice County, LeSueur County, and Waseca County, meaning that there is a 70% chance or better of seeing the most snow, in this case, 4"+ of new snowfall on Saturday into Saturday night.

In a post to social media, the Twin Cities National Weather Service stated:

Snow will spread from west to east across the region on Saturday. Here's a look at when we think the snow will start. Most locations will see at least a few inches by the time it ends Sunday morning.

Image Credit: NWS Twin Cities via Facebook

While the weather service, last week, predicted plenty of snow, 7-10" to fall in our area, most areas saw anywhere from 3-6" due to the snow being wetter than what was predicted, keeping the snow totals down. The prediction of 7-10" was from the NWS the morning of the storm, so things can change rapidly in the modeling.

The Weather Channel is predicting 2-6" of snowfall on Saturday, with a cloudy day on Sunday for cleanup.

Image Credit: The Weather Channel/weather.com

It's better to be prepared than blindsided by a winter storm, so make sure you've got some gas for the snowblower, or at least some Advil if you shovel, as it looks like beginning Saturday afternoon we can expect a wintery weekend of snowfall and snow removal.

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