Governor Tim Walz announced his $49.5 billion budget proposal recently. I did not read the budget as I am pretty sure I would not understand it anyway. However, I received a news release from the Minnesota Corn Growers Association commending Governor Walz on including $15 in property tax relief for land in compliance with Minnesota's Buffer Law.

The Minnesota Corn Growers Association brought the importance of buffer tax relief to then gubernatorial candidate Walz and he said he supported the idea. So, it was nice to see the property tax relief in his proposed budget. But, the property tax relief is not a sure thing yet.

Governor Walz will revise his budget after  the economic forecast that will be released late this month or early in March. Then of course the Minnesota House and Senate will have to approve it in their budget bills. The Minnesota Corn Growers Association expects that both the Minnesota House and Senate will be addressing buffer property tax relief this session. It is nice to see that it has the support of Governor Walz.

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