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If you are looking for a new gig, love memes, and hard seltzer this might be the perfect job for you! Bud Light is looking for someone to become their Chief Meme Officer to help promote their Bud Light Seltzer. Oh, and you would be paid $5,000 per month!

On Bud Light's job posting, they say that their memes "are trash" and need someone to help them out.

...someone who can pull us out of the pits of cringe, someone who knows how to use the lasso thingy in Photoshop, someone like you. Please help us. Please.

It sounds like this position is only a three-month gig, though, but it would be a great time for three months! They say on the job posting that you are paid "$5k per month for three months". You also would get paid in Bud Light Seltzer which is pretty awesome. Also, if you get the position they are asking you, as the Chief Meme Officer (what an awesome job title), to make at least 10 "fire" memes about Bud Light Seltzer.

As a part of the application, they want to see what you've got! So they have some templates on their site for you to mess around with and show them how great you are at putting memes together.

Oh, and all applicants will be put in a drawing for free Bud Light Seltzer for a month so even if you don't think you're qualified, maybe you could still win some free seltzer!

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