Just when we thought last year was going to be his last, he decided to open his doors one last time!

Bud Grant, the legendary Minnesota Vikings head coach, is opening up his garage door one last time for his annual garage sale! The Vikings head coach will be hosting it from his home in Bloomington May 16-18 this year, according to KSTP's Darren Wolfson.

Grant's garage sale got national media attention a year ago, as he was supposedly shutting his garage door for the last time because he was running out of stuff.

Well, apparently he went into his attic and found some more "stuff" for friends, family and fans alike to check out his stacks of memorabilia and other trinkets the legend is looking to make a few bucks off of.

The now 90-year old is hosting one last time, we think, and what an opportunity that would be. A chance to shake the hand of Bud freaking Grant. You just might see me in Bloomington one of those days, just to see if I can talk to him. How cool would that be?

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