This is a picture from my combine cab as I made the first pass across one of my corn fields. Corn harvest 2019 has begun for me and a lot of other farmers! Farmers were concerned about the 50 mile an hour winds we had earlier this week breaking off or blowing over the corn. Looking at the picture you can see almost all of the corn stalks are broken off. However, it is not nearly as bad as the picture implies!

The corn stalks are broken off above the ear. That means there is no problem harvesting the corn. Fortunately the stalk from just above the ear down to the ground was strong enough to take the 50 mile an hour winds. Talking to a couple agronomists they said they saw many fields like mine. They were sure though that there were some fields that the stalk quality was not good enough to take the winds and they blew over below the ear.

Each day that goes by the stalk quality is going to deteriorate. That is why farmers are harvesting the corn even though it is higher in moisture than we would like. Hopefully there won't be any more 40 or 50 mile an hour winds! Maybe "Mother Nature" will feel guilty because of all the extreme weather we have had this year and give us a month of warm sunshine?

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