Even though the weather was not completely cooperative the breakfast on a Dairy Farm was a huge success Saturday! Dad's Belgian waffles, sausage, milk and malts were served at Paul and Barb Liebenstein's  Dairy Farm by Dundas. You can see from the pictures a lot of families enjoyed a free breakfast and took the opportunity to tour a modern Dairy Farm. It seemed like there were many more families with young children there this year than in the past.

That was the goal of the Rice County American Dairy Association, to get consumers without a farm background out to a Dairy Farm with their families! Then they can see for themselves how well Dairy Farmers care for their livestock. There was a brief thunderstorm that moved through about 10:00 am. Then about 10:30 am the sun was peaking through the clouds.

The rain wan not much of a concern because breakfast was served in the Liebenstein's  nice shop with tables set up. In addition the Rice County American Dairy Association set up a big tent by the shop. Special thanks to Paul and Barb Liebenstein, the Rice County American Dairy Association and everyone that attended Saturday!

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