Are you interested in helping with the Black Cutworm Network in Minnesota? It seems every spring we hear about Black Cutworms. The Black Cutworm moths move from the south to the north on weather systems as moths. When the moths are captured in traps that information can be used to predict when and where to scout for Black Cutworm larval damage. The larval chew off the corn plant when it is small at about ground level and of course the corn plant dies.

The University of Minnesota Extension Service has a goal of getting 2 cooperators with pheromone traps in every county in the southern half of Minnesota. If cooperators begin to trap a lot Black Cutworm Moths then farmers in the area will know when to scout for damage in their corn fields. A properly timed application of an insecticide can control Black Cutworm larval. If you would like to participate or have questions please email:

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